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RAISED FIST at Donostia: Schedule Confirmed | FESTIVALPHOTO

RAISED FIST at Donostia: Schedule Confirmed


The promoter HardrockForMyNose confirmed guest band and schedule for the swedish Raised Fist concert in Donostia. The nordic band will share stage with the home band LionHead, and the gig schedule will be the next:

20:30 Doors Opening
21:00 LionHead
22:00 Raised Fist

Get the tickets here and don't miss the chance to see one of the best swedish hardcore bands:

With just 6 albums released, critics and fans worldwide placed Raised Fist as one of the most in shape hardcore bands all around the world.

They began their musical career in 1993 in the small nordic town of Luleå, Sweden. Its powerful and direct energy are difficult to find in any other bands, and demonstrate that are fantastic composers, the band has developed a completely unique sound.

Raised Fist is that band you can't miss the chance to see live, the band that you can't blink for a second.

More info about the bands:


Raised Fist-

Writer: Ignacio de Villalain Barbolla
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