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Myles Manley - More songs | FESTIVALPHOTO

Myles Manley - More songs



Myles Manley was born in the UK but grew up in Ireland.  His debut album was called 'Greatest hits', and he's now releasing an EP - "More songs". It may not be the most imaginative title, but that doesn't matter - what matters is the quality of the songs, and happily the songs here are of a very high standard. 

There's a real mix here - "January" is a slow song with little more than the vocals but this is followed by "Ordinary world" which is totally different - distorted electric guitars and a strong drum beat accompany the vocals, and in turn this is followed by the softer "I love her family" with a cleaner guitar sound and a deeper softer drum beat, and so on.  In short no song is like the one before or after it.

It's a great EP, with my favourite song being "I love her family", which reminds me of The Velvet Underground's song "Pale blue eyes".

A great EP that's well worth a listen.

Track listing:

1. Pay me what I'm worth
2. January
3. Ordinary world
4. I love her family
5. Grinding
6. Slip into the sea

Writer: Anthony May
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