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THE SUBWAYS: two dates in Spain


The English band is coming this March to Spain, offering two shows in Barcelona and Madrid. They'll be presenting their new album 'The Subways' produced by its singer Billy Lunn. The british band will share stage with Dune Rats. Here are the dates for the shows:

BARCELONA. Wednesday, March 18.
Sala Bikini.
Doors: 20h. Tickets: 20/24€.

MADRID. Thursday, March 19.
Sala Arena.
Doors: 20h. Tickets: 20/24€.

You can find the TICKETS on the promoter Mercury Wheels website:

The Subways, whose name comes from the time Lunn, Morgan and Cooper used to hang around the local subway underpass which ran underneath a Welwyn Garden City roundabout (A UK subway is an underground walkway to cross roads NOT as commonly mistaken a train line...), began playing at an early age, in Lunn and Morgan's homes (who are brothers—Lunn's birthname is William Morgan) in Welwyn Garden City. They first played Nirvana, Green Day and other punk songs, under the name of Mustardseed. They later changed their name to Platypus, and began to tour small, local venues, such as The Square in Harlow, Essex. An early CD of the band playing live was recorded at The Square which they sold at gigs.

The band released many demos and EPs in their early days when playing the London circuit in the UK. With every batch of new songs that The Subways would compose, Lunn would insist that the band record them. However, at such a young age the group had no money with which to go into a studio to record consistently, so they came upon the idea of buying their own cheap recording system at home. Eventually, the band had their own website,, which Lunn himself constructed and maintained, where they put all their new songs. Through the use of their own home recording system they now had roughly eight demos worth of songs both on the internet and being sent out to local and London promoters at various venues. The Subways then began touring in the local and London area playing regularly at the Buffalo Bar in Highbury and Islington.

Writer: Ignacio de Villalain Barbolla
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