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Get Ready for Rebellion Tour 6 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Get Ready for Rebellion Tour 6


Rebellion Tour 6 starts next Monday at the Spanish Mediterranean City of Murcia. Madball, Strife, Rise of the North Star and Backtrack are the main bands playing during the whole festival.

Guest bands have been already released, here is the schedule:

Murcia 23/02: Una Vida + Días de Gloria
Madrid 24/02: Highkick! + Brothers Till We Die
Málaga 25/02: InYourFace + Camino a la perdición
Lisboa 26/02: Realty Slap + Push!
ACoruña 27/02: Mercyless + Contra As Cordas
Vitoria 28/02: Fourscore + Drop!
Barcelona 01/03: Appraise + Eight Ounces

Tickets are on sale on the promoter HFMN website:

Madball is a hardcore band from New York, originated in the late 1980s, as a side project of Agnostic Front.The band was signed by Roadrunner Records in 1994, released a couple of EP's and began to maintain a constant pace tour started generating strong fan base.After some legal problems of the lineup, the band decided to announce his retirement in 2001, but returned with a new lineup a year later.His latest work, 'Hardcore Lives', was released in 2014. Madball has become one of the heavyweights of hardcore with effort and dedication.One of the synonyms of the word Hardcore called MADBALL. From his early childhood, Freddy Cricien has sucked street rod to carry tattooed on his gut. MADBALL is an unstoppable creature with hymns and intergenerational direct and overwhelming.

Strife is a hardcore band from Los Angeles. His first LP came out in 1994 by Victor Records, had very good reviews and big sales. In his time, his speed-metal / hardcore style was considered revolutionary, and his message straight edge and positive way of life was a contrast to the typical music of that time.Strife was considered, along with Earth Crisis and Snapcase one of 3 great new bands Victory. In '97 they released a new album which had the collaboration of artists like Chino Moreno of Deftones, Dino Cazares of Fear Factory and Igor Cavalera of Sepultura.Two years later the band dissolved in 2001 returned with the broken edge and new works under his arm. Finally, after 11 years of silence, Strife decided to return to study.

Rise Of The Northstar is a young hardcore band whose spirit was born in the streets of Shibuya, 1980. In fact, the manga culture and "Furyo" style are mixed in the lyrics and the sound of the band. They created a unique identity that meets the NYHC 90, the Shonen Manga, heavy riffs and catchy rap vibrations.

Backtrack is a hardcore band from New York founded in 2008. Drinking a bit of all styles of hardcore, recently published Life Lost In his latest LP.

Writer: Ignacio de Villalain Barbolla
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