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10/02/2015 - Amon Amarth + Huntress + Savage Messiah @ Paradise Garage, Lisbon | FESTIVALPHOTO

10/02/2015 - Amon Amarth + Huntress + Savage Messiah @ Paradise Garage, Lisbon


On a rainy Tuesday night Lisbon once again welcomed the Vikings four years after their last visit. Along with the Californian band Huntress, led by front woman Jill Janus, and the British band Savage Messiah. The venue was nearly packed, and everyone was happy to get inside from the cold outside.

People started entering the venue at around 19.30, and some 20 minutes later cheering welcomed the pounding beats of Savage Messiah. They played a short set, but still got the crowd warmed up. Songs such as ''Hellblazer'' and ''Scavengers of Mercy'' were heard and the crowd responded accordingly. After the energetic band left the stage shortly Huntress got on stage. The band had visited our country nearly 3 years prior, they gathered quite many fans and enthusiasts, and although it is a band that never quite sparked my interest I could definitely see to what they owed their success. With a slightly longer setlist and a few moshpits here and there the Californians put on quite a good show, with songs like ''Spell Eater'' and a dedication of ''Flesh'' to the girls who were present.

After a somewhat long wait during which the crowd started to get impatient, the band everyone had waited to see finally came in. Amon Amarth fiercely took the stage, opening with ''Father of the Wolf'', and ever so relentless and fun they proved once more why they're one of the best live bands out there, be it in small club shows or massive festivals with Viking ships on stage. They never disappoint when it comes to their live performance. Their setlist lasted for a good hour and a half, with songs from throughout their discography, forming a balanced set that pleased both old and new fans. Songs such as ''Varyags of Milklagaard'', ''Death in Fire'', ''Guardians of Asgaard'', ''Shapeshifter'', and ''War of the Gods'' set the tone for the violently friendly party that night. Between the songs frontman Johan Hegg even managed to say some Portuguese words and expressions that caused generalized cheering. The gig had come to an end, or so it seemed, as they returned for the final two thunder strikes of the night, with ''Twilight of the Thunder God'' and ''The Pursuit of the Vikings''.

And so it was done for the night. Overall the sound on the venue was exceptionally good that night, having attended gigs there in which that wasn't the case. And also, a massive shoutout to the members of Huntress, for being such nice guys and fun to party with. A night that won't soon be forgotten.

Writer: Ana Raquel Mendes
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