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Michael Schenker's Temple of rock - Spirit on a mission | FESTIVALPHOTO

Michael Schenker's Temple of rock - Spirit on a mission



Legendary guitarist Michael Schenker is back with the latest album from his Temple of Rock band, Spirit on a mission. 

As anyone who caught one of the shows on his recent tour will know, Michael Schenker is in great form these days and looks happier than ever.  Given that, I was expecting good things from this album, and it doesn't disappoint.  The album was written last year and recorded between June and November - just before the last tour.

Recording an album is a big enough job normally, but on this occasion it was an even bigger job after a robbery where some recordings and guitars were stolen meant that they had to go back and re-record some material.

As before, Michael is joined by former Scorpions drummer Herman Rarebell, former Scorpions bassist Francis Buchholz, former Rainbow singer Doogie White, and 7-string guitarist (and keyboard player) Wayne Findlay.

Brief comments on a few songs....

"Vigilante man" is one of my favourites on the album - hard and heavy but still retaining plenty of melody. 

"Rock city" is a fast paced song that is sure to go down particularly well next time they play Nottingham's Rock City venue.  Despite the fast pace it's still quite a melodic track and alongside some great vocals from Doogie White and the rapid fire drumming there is some great guitar work. 

Right from the start with its screaming guitars, "Saviour machine" is all about the guitars.  Yes everything else is top quality too, but it's the guitar that Really makes the song what it is.

"Something of the night" opens with guitars and drums.  It's quite a long introduction but the guitar sound is mesmerising.  Doogie then joins in with his vocals and you're into a great rock song.  It's a great track, and the way the guitars have been done really makes it stand out.

It's a fantastic album, and shows that Temple of rock keep getting better and better.  It's a band that may be advertised under the Michael Schenker name, but is far bigger than just one man - it's a band full of very talented musicians.

Track listing:

1. Live and let live
2. Communion
3. Vigilante man
4. Rock City
5. Saviour machine
6. Something of the night
7. All our yesterdays
8. Bulletproof
9. Let the devil scream
10. Good times
11. Restless heart
12. Wicked (Bonus track)

Writer: Anthony May
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