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Serpentyne - Myths & Muses | FESTIVALPHOTO

Serpentyne - Myths & Muses



As usual when reviewing I listened to the album before reading the accompanying press release, so not having heard Serpentyne before I was rather surprised. Judging by the CD cover and booklet I'd expected the medieval sound, but wasn't expecting the electronic elements. They've merged the traditional music with electronic dance or ambient sounds in the same way Blackmore's night have done with blending the traditional music with rock music.

This mix of ancient music with ambient, dance or atmospheric electronic music means that Serpentyne have a unique sound, and one that works extremely well. The use of traditional instruments such as the cittern or hurdy-gurdy helps give the music that authentic medieval feel but then the modern elements transform it into something new and unique.

It's a great album and I'd definitely recommend that fans of Blackmore's night or Mediaeval Baebes give Serpentyne a listen - I'm a fan of both bands so this album realy appealed to me. Check out the video below which gives a teaser of what to expect from the album with a medley of three of the songs.

"Myths & Muses" is out now.

Track listing:

1. Boudicca
2. Alexandria
3. Valkyries
4. Gaudette
5. Hymn to Cynthia
6. Je vivroie liement
7. Douce dame jolie
8. Freya's firedance
9. A rosebud in June
10. Pastyme with good company
11. Les garcons de montagne

Writer: Anthony May
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