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Forgotten Tomb - …And Don’t Deliver Us From Evil | FESTIVALPHOTO

Forgotten Tomb - …And Don’t Deliver Us From Evil

After their last album in 2011 ‘’Under Saturn Retrogade’’, the Italian band return with an amazing release. ‘’…And Don’t Deliver Us From Evil’’ does, in fact, deliver 7 tracks of pure musical evil, with songs ranging from 6 to 9 minutes to a total of about 53 minutes. Overall, the record has a very clean production, with an emphasis to the bass, that you can hear perfectly and is one of the strongest parts of this record.

Starting with ‘’Deprived’’, a song that begins the album like a strong kick, a track with a great black n’ roll vibe and some parts that resemble the swedish Shining, delivering groovy riffs and a groovy atmosphere to the entire song. The bass is amazing, the drums are really progressive throughout the track and the ripping vocals make you feel every part of this song. The melodic section and the transition that follows it showcase influences from their earlier releases, with modern black metal influences. The title track ‘’…And Don’t Deliver Us From Evil’’ is a black metal song straight from the depths, one of the tracks that resembles their early roots the most. The vocals are absolutely piercing, joined by the very dark ambience the bass brings into the song. It is a song to listen to in a cold winter night, and at around the 6 minute mark you get one of the most depressive and dark riffing in modern black metal history. ‘’Cold Summer’’ is up next, and again, what a great bass. It really is one of the high points in this album, if not the highest. For someone who enjoys listening to good bass tracks, this is the album to pay attention to. The depressive riffing and the drumming, along with Herr Morbid’s gutting vocals, come together to create an eerie, dark track. ‘’Let’s Torture Each Other’’ is probably and arguably the best track on this album. Like ‘’Deprived’’, this is a good black n’ roll song with, again, some resemblances to Shining and Satyricon. The bass takes up a leading position on this song, pairing up with the vocals, and the top notch drumming with good cymbal use. It has a very good groove, some very good riffs, and a catchy chorus. It steps a bit away from the other more depressive tracks, but it maintains that darkness that shadows the entire album. There’s even a solo on the more depressive black metal part that follows the melodic section of the song. ‘’Love Me Like You’d Love the Death’’ comes next, and continues the depressive atmosphere created by the more dark tracks, combining classic black metal riffs with a melodic bass and enticing drums. One could consider it a love song to listen to after a break up, especially with the acoustic section getting right into you, it’s nearly heartbreaking. ‘’Adrift’’ is tied up with ‘’Let’s Torture Each Other’’ for best track. It has such a huge feeling to it, the clean vocals are very eerie and bring an almost indescribable reaction. The bass is definitely a highlight, it’s a bit rare to hear the bass so well in a black metal album. Everything about this track is coherent and atmospheric. The last track, ‘’Nullifying Tomorrow’’ is a great way to end this record. Dark and depressive, with some parts that sound very much like Svart in the ‘’Vanära, vanmakt och avsmak’’ album, or early Shining. The album overall sounds to have been very influenced by Shining. Typical black metal riffs, with a killer bass, and pounding drums, with an acoustic passage that is classic early Forgotten Tomb that flows into an amazingly depressive section to end the song, and thus, the album.

This album shows their evolution, while still sticking to their roots. It’s a strong point in modern depressive black metal history.

Writer: Ana Raquel Mendes
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