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Magor: voice of the hungarian metal | FESTIVALPHOTO

Magor: voice of the hungarian metal



It is power. It has a feeling, it is something special, as a list of strange but well known questions and their answers of our life - knocking all into your head with the music. This is Magor.

Magor is a Hungarian rooted shout-metal band, with real human feelings: their topics – unlike with same hard music band's topics – are soft, full with human feelings, and love. Love of your life and your family and so on – anyway, telling the truth these are strange topics for a shout-metal group – nonetheless the specialty of this all, soft lyrics and hard voices – interesting, adventurous, but in an other aspect sometimes this antagonism is a bit too much for me: as the lovely contrary of love and the hard metal cry meets in these tracks.

In the other hand, in a strange way harmony is also plays a main rule in the seven year old band's repertoire: the deep hearted music touches pretty well the human topics of their songs. So living this lyrics, and crooning this sound, shouting is forgettable if you don't like it – as me.

So in total you can really love this particular and weird band with their cool touching music.

Magor's first sheet is going to be in the market soon. Check it!


Writer: Orsi Kurcz
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