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Veilburner Share New Track 'Nil Absolute' & Announce Debut Album | FESTIVALPHOTO

Veilburner Share New Track 'Nil Absolute' & Announce Debut Album

Pennsylvanian experimental metal duo Veilburner have shared their new song 'Nil Absolute', from their forthcoming debut album 'The Three Lightbearers' (due out 19th December).

'Nil Absolute' is the perfect preamble to Veilburner's appealingly abrasive style, combining formidable tech guitar riffs with complex and potent vocal and instrumental textures, to create a brilliantly disturbing, dissonant and above all else heavily captivating sound - This is worth your time.

'The Three Lightbearers' is brutally heavy, it merges a number of different elements of the metal genre converging death, black, and tech metal, along with everything in between.

This debut is as ambitious as it is accomplished, Veilburner have created an album which feels familiar yet still exhibits a depth of individuality... It's not to be missed.

Writer: Anthony May
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