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The Treatment - Roadmender, Northampton - 9th October 2014 | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Treatment - Roadmender, Northampton - 9th October 2014



Tonight's gig was a tour that I'd been looking forward to for some time. Headlined by The Treatment, with support from Buffalo summer and Massive.

First on the bill was young Australian band Massive, whose album, Full Throttle really impressed me when it was released earlier this summer, so I was expecting big things from them (excuse the pun), and they certainly didn't disappoint tonight.
Australia has produced some great rock bands over the years including Rose tattoo, ACDC, Airbourne and now Massive can be added to that list.
Like many Aussie bands they don't play melodic rock, or prog rock, just good old fashioned Rock and Roll - music to get drunk and party to.  It's probably not so good for driving as you're likely to earn a few speeding tickets. Strong guitar riffs, great catchy songs with a strong chorus, great vocals - this really is I gear music and they go down really well tonight in Northampton.  They end their 30 minute set with the ACDC hit, "If you want blood you've got it".


Burn the sun
Big trend setter
One by one
Now or never
If you want blood (You got it)

Next up were Buffalo Summer. They're another great rock band but take a different approach to the balls out Approach of Massive - buffalo summer have a slower more bluesy sound. I've seen Buffalo summer several times before and they're never disappoint, and tonight is no different.  I did think though that they might have worked better playing before Massive. 

Finally it was the turn of The Treatment.  Last time I saw them they all had long hair and looked like a typical rock band, but they've had a major change of image since then and look very different now with short hair.  Happily though they haven't changed how they sound - they still sound as good as ever. 
They got things started by asking people to move forward closer to the stage, which does make a difference to the atmosphere with people closer together at the front of the room. 
Like Massive, The Treatment are a high energy Rock band, and really know how to entertain a crowd. The small stage means the bassist was stuck behind the others as there just wasn't room for them all to stand at the front of the stage, but they move around as best they can. 
Tonight's set includes plenty of songs from their second album, Running with the dogs, including the title track, Emergency, Outlaw, and Get the party on.
For "Get the party on", singer Matt Jones came out into the crowd to get some audience participation going.  As well as the songs people knew, the band treated the crowd to a new song - Bloodsucker. 


I bleed rock and roll
The doctor
Don't look down
Let it...
Drink fuck fight
The Outlaw
Running with the dogs
Get the party on
Shake the mountain

A great night from all three bands. Hopefully it won't be long before Massive are back playing more gigs in the uk. 

Writer: Anthony May
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