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Adam Cohen - We go home | FESTIVALPHOTO

Adam Cohen - We go home



"We go home" is the fifth album from Adam Cohen, son of Leonard Cohen. The title is appropriate since he recorded the album in Montreal and on the Greek island of Hydra - homes in which he was born and grew up in. It says a lot for his dedication to producing a great record that he'd previously gone into the studio and recorded an album which he then scrapped as he wasn't happy with it - some lesser artists would have been tempted to release it anyway having spent money recording it.

Adam Cohen does have a similar voice to his father, and on some tracks this is quite obvious, whereas on others it's less so. Sounding like Leonard Cohen certainly can't hurt, but this album is far from a copy of a Leonard Cohen album.

It's a great album. There's variety without the songs feeling like they don't belong together, so it's good at holding your attention. I'd describe the music as a blend of folk, pop and maybe even a bit of soft rock. At the core of the sound is acoustic guitar and vocals, with other instruments being used in places to add variety or extra depth to the songs.

Brief comments on a few tracks....

Title track, "We go home" is one of the rockier songs on the album with a fairly brisk pace and a harder edge to the vocals. A backing group add extra vocals for the chorus, but it's Adam's vocals and the acoustic guitar that drive the song forward.

"Love is" is a great song. It features a female group doing backing vocals on the chorus , and also gives a nod to his father with the line "Love is..a line from Hallelujah". The strings in the background sound beautiful and add richness to the song.

"Swear I was there" is a great track. It's soft and quiet with the piano playing a key part. and as the song progresses the music gets more powerful and the vocals follow suit, till the last part of the song which is strong and powerful.

The album ends with "Boats", a short song (only a minute and a half long). It's played on acoustic guitar to accompany Adam's vocals, with some quite subtle strings in the background. A lovely little song to end the album.

A great album.

"We go home" will be released on 13th September 2014

Track listing:

1. Song of me and you
2. Too real
3. We go home
4. Put your bags down
5. So much to learn
6. Uniform
7. Love is
8. What kind of woman
9. Fall apart
10. Swear I was there
11. Boats

Writer: Anthony May
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