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Big Country - Steeltown, The Seer, No place like home & Peace in our time (reissues) | FESTIVALPHOTO

Big Country - Steeltown, The Seer, No place like home & Peace in our time (reissues)



Big Country fans are in for a treat this year with four of the band's albums getting reissued in remastered and expanded forms. Being slightly cynical I suspect the decision to re-release these albums has been triggered by the fact that "One great thing" has been used in the advertising campaign by the "Yes" faction in the Scottish independance referendum, but whatever the reason, it's fans of Big Country that are the winners here.

For a start the remastered albums sound better than ever. Then you've got the fact that each album is being released as a 2CD set, so you get the original album plus a whole heap of bonus material including Single B-sides, alternate mixes and demo versions of songs. In fact between these four albums you get a massive 119 tracks including the albums and the bonus material - thats averaging almost 30 per album. There's certainly more than enough to keep fans busy for quite some time listening to them

There are some great songs on these albums including four singles that reached the top 30, and which as a result are widely known. Three of the albums reached the top 10 in the album charts while the fourth just scraped into the top 30. In case you're wondering why "The Crossing" isn't included in the albums being re-released, it was given the deluxe edition treatment two years ago.

A great set of re-releases that will please all Big Country fans.

Peace in our time track listing:

Disc: 1
1. King Of Emotion
2. Broken Heart (Thirteen Valleys)
3. Thousand Yard Stare
4. From Here To Eternity
5. Everything I Need
6. Peace In Our Time
7. Time For Leaving
8. River Of Hope
9. In This Place
10. I Could Be Happy Here
11. The Travellers
12. On The Shore
13. Soapy Soutar Strikes Back
14. Peace In Our Time
15. Broken Heart (Thirteen Valleys)
16. When A Drum Beats
17. Ages Of Man
18. Cuts Like a Spoon

Disc: 2
1. You Lose Your Dreams
2. In Your Homeland
3. Thousand Yard Stare
4. Over The Border
5. Everything I Need
6. The Longest Day
7. Mary
8. Time For Leaving
9. Starred & Crossed
10. Not Waving But Drowning
11. Promised Land
12. Peace In Our Time
13. Made In Heaven
14. I Could Be Happy Here
15. Christmas Island

The Seer track listing:

Disc 1:
1. Look Away
2. The Seer [feat. Kate Bush]
3. The Teacher
4. I Walk The Hill
5. Eiledon
6. One Great Thing
7. Hold The Heart
8. Rememberance Day
9. Red Fox
10. Sailor
11. Restless Natives (Extended Version)
12. Margo's Theme
13. Highland Scenery
14. Home Came The Angels
15. Song Of The South (7" Version)
16. Honky Tonk Woman (Live At The Pier, New York / 1986)
17. Hold The Heart (Instrumental)

Disc 2:
1. Restless Natives (Pt. 1 / Long Version)
2. Restless Natives (Pt. 2 / Long Version)
3. I Will Run For You (Complete Film Version)
4. Look Away (12" Mix)
5. The Teacher (Mystery Mix)
6. One Great Thing (Boston Mix)
7. Song Of The South
8. Look Away (Outlaw Mix)
9. One Great Thing (Big Baad Country Mix)

Steeltown track listing:

Disc: 1
1. Flame Of The West
2. East of Eden
3. Steeltown
4. Where the Rose Is Sown
5. Come Back To Me
6. Tall Ships Go
7. Girl With Grey Eyes
8. Rain Dance
9. The Great Divide
10. Just A Shadow

Disc: 2
1. Wonderland - Single A-side
2. Giant - Single B-side
3. All Fall Together - Giant Remix
4. East of Eden - Radio Edit
5. Prairie Rose - Single B-side
6. Where The Rose Is Sown - Radio edit
7. Belief In The Small Man - Single B - side
8. Bass Dance - Single B-side
9. Just A Shadow
10. Winter Sky - Single B-side
11. Wonderland - Work In Progress Take 1
12. Wonderland - Work In Progress Demo Take 2
13. East of Eden - Rough Mix
14. Tall Ships - Rough Mix
15. Where The Rose Is Sown - Rough Mix
16. Come Back To Me - Rough Mix
17. Bass Concerto ( Bass Dance )

No place like home track listing:

Disc 1:
1. We're Not In Kansas
2. Republican Party Reptile
3. Dynamite Lady
4. Keep On Dreaming
5. Beautiful People
6. The Hostage Speaks
7. Beat The Devil
8. Leap Of Faith
9. Ships
10. Into The Fire
11. Save Me (Radio Edit)
12. Pass Me By
13. Dead On Arrival
14. World On Fire
15. Heart Of The World
16. Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys
17. Troubled Man

Disc 2:

1. Comes A Time
2. You, Me And The Truth
3. Freedom Song
4. Kiss The Girl Goodbye
5. I'm Only Waiting
6. Return Of The Two Headed King
7. Fly Like An Eagle
8. Soul On Fire (Demo)
9. Gypsy Girl (Demo)
10. Freedom Song (Demo)
11. Keep On Dreaming (Ca Va Studios Version)
12. We're Not In Kansas (Demo)
13. Leap Of Faith (Demo)
14. The Hostage Speaks (Demo)
15. Beautiful People (Demo)
16. Celtic Dreams (Demo)


Writer: Anthony May
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