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U.D.O. storm in Vilnius | FESTIVALPHOTO

U.D.O. storm in Vilnius


Tuesday, the 2nd of February, begins like all the workdays of the week – early winter morning at work. But the end of it this time is not so usual. After the work, managed to bypass traffic jams in Vilnius down town, metalheads were going to see legendary German heavy metal project – U.D.O.

Yeah, Udo Dirkschneider with his company is coming to your town. This time – to Vilnius, “Forum Palace”. Everything begins few minutes after 7:00 pm. – almost as promised in advertisement. And the first on the club stage – in opening act role – symphonic metal band from Czech Republic INTERITUS. 6 people on the stage, energetic, though bit boring show to those, who came here to see U.D.O. Especially, when this band was announced just few days before the concert – so logically, not so many people were interested to see the Czech band. Listless audience from time to time loudly calling U.D.O. to come was enough proof of that. Despite this, band was trying hard audience to move and played 11 songs in English and Czech.

The time goes by and after 40 minutes metalheads can enjoy break. Though, nobody wants to go away from taken positions close to the stage. For faithful fans this break was bit too long – U.D.O. comes to stage only just before 9 pm. Despite this, the real energy and heat begins here and now for more than hour and a half. Spectacular lighting, impressive energetic musicians, high quality music and close communication with audience – that’s the shortest way to describe this show.

During the show it was possible to hear whole variety of songs from U.D.O repertoire: from the newest (album “Dominator”, 2009) to such legendary ACCEPT songs like “Metal Heart” or “Balls to the Walls”, “I'm a Rebel”. Anything that can want the pickiest U.D.O. fan. Guitar solo, drum solo, guitar solo again, guitarist in audience, emotions, encore.

As according the plan, everything went well: both musicians and fans tired, but happy of the show go out of the club. Musicians – to have a rest, fans – to catch the latest buses to home. Next day – Wednesday. Need to work again. With good mood, impressions and hopefully – with the similar energy that was in club.

Writer: Jurga Kalinauskaite
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