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Rock im Park 2014 - day 4 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Rock im Park 2014 - day 4


Day 4 - Black Stone Cherry opened the Center Stage at the beginning of the fourth and last day of Rock im Park 2014 and quickly roused the crowd gathered here. Even though their show was surely a pleasant surprise for many who didn’t know the band, most people were looking forward more to the next performer thought, that being Trivium with new drummer. The band played a very diverse set with songs from nearly every album, showing a cross section of the band’s whole discography up to date.

Despite Chevelle having a massive fanbase back home in the US, it’s still quite a small and hardly recognized band here in Europe, which is quite a pity because the band certainly has a lot to offer. Their show was full of energy and the hard rock music they play definitely deserves more recognition here. Hopefully we will see the guys in Europe more often from now on.

photo: Pali Hudak

Despite other bigger bands playing at the same time, Seether attracted a huge crowd to the Club Stage. It was notable that most of the people there were die hard Seether fans. Due to that fact, the crowd was singing along to every single of the songs. The atmosphere was simply unbelievable - it was more like a Seether concert than a performance on the smallest stage at a huge festival.

The Offspring played a special set with the whole album Smash, to delight of the fans. Although the sounding that was far from perfect ruined the experience a little bit, people still enjoyed the performance.

The Offspring
photo: / Tijs van Leur

The biggest attraction of the last day was without a doubt Iron Maiden. With their special Maiden England Tour, band offered an unforgettable two hours long show full of effects, stage props and energic performance of these heavy metal legends that are rightfully on the top till this day.

Iron Maiden enclosed 20th year of the festival in a grand way, although it could have been even better with a fireworks, that were missing on the festival. Overall Rock im Park 2014 have been an exceptional four days filled with great music, perfect atmosphere, amazing weather and outstanding organization. Rock im Park is definitely on the top of my festival list and it's no wonder that it attracts huger and huger crowd every passing year and people come back for more. We are already looking forward to what next year of this fabulous festival will bring.

Author: Ivana Kovacova

Writer: Pali Hudak
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