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Rock im Park 2014 - day 3 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Rock im Park 2014 - day 3


Day 3 - The Pretty Reckless came to introduce their album Going To Hell and with their charismatic and maybe a bit controversial singer Taylor Momsen, they played in the afternoon on the Center Stage. The bright sun and unbearable heat might have been reasons as why the show wasn’t as energic as what I remember from few years back when they were support on Evanescence tour, but it was an overall good show. Fall Out Boy’s comeback has been a huge success and boys proved they still have a lot to offer during their performance on Center Stage on the third day. Old hits combined with songs from their latest album Save Rock and Roll made together a great punk-rock show that really moved the crowd up and down.

Opeth on Alterna Stage might have only managed five songs during their set, but who is familiar with this band knows that five songs are more than enough for a 50 minutes set. Next on the Alterna Stage performed bands Heaven Shall Burn and legendary american thrashers Slayer. Part of the Big Four, Slayer is really a must see for every thrash metal fan out there. Even though the band’s set up has changed a lot over the years, it’s definitely still the mighty Slayer who even in years still are capable of delivering a massive show.

photo: Pali Hudak

Headliner of the third day was american band Linkin Park. As an old fan of the band, I had quite conflicted and mixed feelings about their show and I’m certainly not the only one. On one side hearing the old songs from Hybrid Theory era was absolutely amazing. But on the other side, not being a very huge fan of their experimenting of last few years. I was just plain bored during the songs of their last two albums - A Thousand Suns and Living Things. In some moments I even felt like at some techno party and not at a rock concert, but with the songs from their upcoming album The Hunting Party, which the band played during their set, I think it’s safe to say, that the band is finally returning to their roots.

Linkin Park

Author: Ivana Kovacova

Rock im Park 2014
06. - 09. june 2014
Nürnberg, Germany

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Writer: Pali Hudak
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