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Massive wagons - Fight the system | FESTIVALPHOTO

Massive wagons - Fight the system



Lancashire band Massive Wagons have been making a name for themselves ove the last couple of years, and have just released their second album - Fight the system.
If you haven't listened to Massive Wagons yet, I'd certainly suggest you do so - especially if you're a fan of ACDC or Airbourne as Massive Wagons have a sound that sits nicely alongside these bands.

Brief comments on a few tracks...

The first thing that strikes me is the title track seems familiar - and indeed it it, as the song was on the band's first album, "Fire it up". Clearly they are particularly fond of the song to include it here. This new version is a re-recorded version and has been changed slightly, so it does sound better than before, but I'm still not convinced it merits this re-recording no matter how good a song it is.

"Dirty little secrets" opens the album and is a song that Airbourne fans will love - in fact it would feel right at home on any Airbourne album.

The first single from the album is the excellent "Red dress", which shows that the band aren't ACDC clones but do have their own sound. It's a great song and I suggest you watch the video and give the song a listen.

"Black witch" is a slower rock track - still good hard rock, but not as in your face with the guitars as most of the other songs.

"Alive" has a great Black Sabbath sounding guitar riff.

Great heavy guitar riffs and great vocals plus great hard rock tunes - you couldn't really ask for any more. A great album.

Track Listing:

1. Dirty Little Secrets
2. SWT
3. Mother
4. Fight The System
5. Look Around
6. Rising Tides
7. Red Dress
8. Black Witch
9. Truth
10. Roll With the Rhythm
11. Alive

Writer: Anthony May
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