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Acollective - Pangaea | FESTIVALPHOTO

Acollective - Pangaea



If you listen to the radio (virtually any station) then you're likely to conclude that there really is very little music that truly stands out as different, but happily if you switch off the radio and start exploring musically there are plenty of bands that are definitely not not making the usual boring music. Acollective are a perfect example of sounding different.

This is one of those albums that is really hard to describe, particularly since every song sounds different and within any given song, there are so many different sounds and influences at work. You could call it Indie-pop but that's far too simplistic a description to do it justice. It's a complex sound, slightly bizarre at times, but always very listenable and with that quality that makes you want to keep listening.

A great album and perfect for those music lovers who wnt to hear something a bit out of the ordinary.

Pangaea will be released on 7th July 2014

Track listing:

1. Over the mountains
2. Breakapart
3. Happiest of all memorial days
4. Fine
5. At least
6. Custom
7. Beating heart cadavers
8. I can't
9. Had it once
10. Pancakes
11. We never
12. Locket

Writer: Anthony May
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