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Thom Bowden - Searching the brittle light | FESTIVALPHOTO

Thom Bowden - Searching the brittle light

Thom Bowden is an indie rocker from Surry, whose debut album, "Searching the brittle light" is due to be released shortly. His debut EP, "The damage" earned him plenty of attention and airplay from BBC radio 1, XFM and other radio stations. Listening to the album it's no surprise that his music is getting plenty of attention - it's far better than the "indie rock" label would suggest. Think White Stripes and Neil Young and you're getting an idea what it sounds like.

The first song to be released from the album is "Control". Check it out using the player below and hear for yourself how good it sounds.

There's a lot of variety here - some songs are quite loud and rocky while others are slow quiet and more introspective - "How about it" being a good example of the quieter songs.

"With pace" is a fairly short title but one that is very appropriate as its the fastest paced song on the album with a punk feel to it. It's another strong song and another example of the variety here.

It's a great album that really is well worth a listen.

"Searching the brittle light" will be released on 14th July 2014 and is available from

Track listing:

1. Click!
2. So so long
3. My army
4. Control
5. How about it?
6. ...
7. With pace
8. The water is cold
9. In the ground
10. Sweet and tender

Writer: Anthony May
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