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The Ghost Wolves - Man, Woman, Beast | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Ghost Wolves - Man, Woman, Beast



The Ghost Wolves are Carley and Jonathan Wolf, a married couple. Carley sings and plays guitar while Jonathan plays the drums. For a two-piece band they certainly put out a lot of power in their music, and while you don't get the extra melodies and bass from having more instruments, by having things stripped down to just the guitar, vocals and drums, each element stands out and plays an important part, whereas in many bands you don't hear the individual instruments so clearly, more the combined sound.

Musically it's a real mix with down and dirty swamp blues, punk and garage rock being the dominant elements. It's a mix that works superbly well, taking the swampy delta blues sound and giving it more of a modern hard hitting twist, and the results are fantastic.

Definitely an album that's well worth a listen.

"Man, Woman, Beast" will be released on 14th July 2014 via Plowboy records

Track listing:

1. Shotgun pistol grip
2. Gonna live
3. Baby fang thang
4. Grave Dallas
5. Ride the wolf
6. I was wrong
7. Itch
8. I'm ya mudda
9. Attack attack attack
10. Dangerous moves
11. Lies I told (live)
12. White lily (live)
13. Mosquito (live)

Writer: Anthony May
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