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Boho Dancer, new videos + deluxe album | FESTIVALPHOTO

Boho Dancer, new videos + deluxe album

Danish trio Boho Dancer are to announce the release of a special extended version of their acclaimed debut album ‘Gemini’, featuring the addition of three brand new bonus tracks. The offering is scheduled for UK release in May 2014

The addition of three bonus tracks for UK audiences, ‘Me & Your God’, ‘Pistols’ and ‘Good Vibrations’, constitutes a significant furthering of the themes present throughout ‘Gemini’ and considerably adds to the natural progression and organic culmination of the album.

Boho Dancer’s enchanting folk-pop, with its quirkily appealing vocals and intricate melodies, has gained them a considerable following in their native Denmark and is rapidly winning them fans across the rest of the world. The music is highly emotional yet accessible, and there are dark, almost gothic overtones, “a melancholic Nordic vibe”, as Ida puts it. Meanwhile, the singing is equally cute and cutting and the lyrics express a worldview that is childlike yet weary. Like fairytales for adults. Influenced by the classic songwriting of Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake and by more contemporary exponents of folk-inflected pop such as Local Natives, Fleet Foxes and First Aid Kit, Boho Dancer also bring a certain indefinable Nordic quality to bear on their songwriting.

The album is a haunting delight, with songs about good friends and bad weather, love in general and the local landscape, that, even at their most delicate, have the power to haunt long after they’ve finished.

Writer: Anthony May
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