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House of Hats - This love | FESTIVALPHOTO

House of Hats - This love


Brighton band House of Hats are a fairly new band, forming in 2011 and playing their first live shows in 2012. Since then they've already played the Cambridge Folk Festival and Secret Garden Party. They've done sessions for radio, and had a song included in a film, so aren't taking tings slowly. "This love" is the band's debut album and follows a previous EP release.

The album contains 11 tracks packed into just over 35 minutes. As a result all the songs are short and this tends to maximise the impact of each song. Beautiful vocal harmonies, great tunes, excellently written lyrics and a great sound - what more could you ask for?

For me the vocal harmonies are the standout feature of the band's sound. The vocals really are superbly well done and blend perfectly. The simple acoustic guitar accompaniment focuses even more attention onto the vocals and keeps them at the centre of attention.

One of the songs I particularly like is the song the band have released a video for - "King of the average pace". It's a great song, but having said that the whole album is superb.

There's variety with songs such as "River will run" being quite a briskly paced loud song whereas "Right behind you" is slower and softer and uses female lead vocals whereas other songs use male lead vocals.

There are a lot of great albums coming out in the early part of this year and this is definitely one that people need to listen to - it's highly recommended.

"This love" will be released on 24th March 2014 on Willow Walk Records

Track listing:

1. This love
2. Close to me
3. King of the average pace
4. Rivers will run
5. Right behind you
6. Joanne
7. Gold
8. Home is where the heart is
9. Wonderland
10. No man
11. This love

Writer: Anthony May
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