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David Bronson Releases Comic Book Inspired Music Video | FESTIVALPHOTO

David Bronson Releases Comic Book Inspired Music Video

David Bronson - One Simple Myth (Official) from David Bronson on Vimeo.

NYC singer-songwriter, David Bronson has unveiled his latest video for the track ‘One Simple Myth’ from his latest album, ‘The Long Lost’.

Intercutting surrealist graphic themes with the throes of daily life, the visual landscape takes viewers on Bronson’s personal journey, refusing to accept the world as it is. The video wildly swings between multiple layers of animation, to a drab and dreary reality with comic pages underlying throughout, almost as the connective faculty - it's a clever and unique story telling experience.

Directed by David and his brother, Jeremy, One Simple Myth is compiled of footage from during David’s studies when working towards his MFA thesis. The musician says it reflects the winding disposition of his ‘The Long Lost Story’ project, which comprises of two albums, ‘Story’ and ‘The Long Lost’ featuring 22 sonically profound tracks that portrays the artist’s creativity and continuing perseverance for making his ideas come to life.

Bronson says:

“There’s a lot of stubbornness in The Long Lost Story; a lot of refusal to accept the world as it had presented itself to me. It had something to do with being in a state of disbelief and that my particular version of idealism and youthful optimism was so vast that I was unable to cope with the reality of my circumstance. As cliché as it might sound, I was probably just having a very hard time “growing up” and was clinging desperately to the version of existence I had mapped out inside myself”

The album, The Long Lost, from which One Simple Myth is featured, can be streamed here:

Bronson will embark on a tour of the Midwest and Northeast of the States in March. Dates include Chicago, Indiana and Ohio before concluding on the east coast at NYC’s Rockwood Music Hall. Further dates in April are to be confirmed.

A third album is in the works and is slated for release later in the year. Although it's too early to reveal too much information, we can tell you it will be the first in Bronson's new direction of songwriting and features exciting guest appearances. It promises to portray even more of Bronson’s intriguing creativity and musicianship.

Writer: Anthony May
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