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The Peckham Cowboys - 10 Tales from the gin palace | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Peckham Cowboys - 10 Tales from the gin palace



The Peckham Cowboys formed in 2010 when a group of musicians got together for a jam session after a party for Quireboys co-founder Guy Bailey's birthday. Things went so well that an impromptu jam led to them recording and releasing an album "Flog it", released in October 2011. Since then they've had various lineup changes and have played a number of tours. Now they're back with their new album "10 Tales from the gin palace".

So who are the Peckham Cowboys? No it's not Del and Rodney Trotter, it'sMark Eden (DNA DOll and "The Project" - the band that became Velvet Revolver), Dale Hodgkinson (And also the trees), Timo Kaltio (Hanoi rocks, Izzy stradlin band), Nigel Mogg (Quireboys), Ryan McCormick (Steven Adler band) and Duncan McKay (Primal scream).

Brief comments on a few tracks...

First impressions of the album are excellent - think Dogs D'Amour, The Quireboys, Hanoi Rocks, The Faces and The Specials. Those bands all spring to mind listening to the album but this is even more "in your face" than those bands.

The album kicks off with "Not guilty", and from the start the Quireboys influence is clear. It's a great track and an excellent start to the album.

"Don't damn the hypnotist" reminds me of The Specials - think "Ghost town" meets reggae.

"The debt collector" is a great song, and the lyrics will certainly feel down to earth and recognisable for too many people these days.

"Poor boy blues" is a slower bluesy number with lots of distorted guitars.

This is a superb album that I really can't recommend highly enough. Well worth a listen.

'10 Tales from the gin palace' will be released on 14th February 2014

Track listing:

1. Not guilty!
2. Bromley girls
3. The debt collector
4. Don't damn the hypnotist
5. Quarantined
6. Poor boy blues
7. You're only in it for the money
8. She was sweet on me
9. Cut it out
10. Knocked senseless

Writer: Anthony May
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