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The David Liberty Band - Chains and Bones | FESTIVALPHOTO

The David Liberty Band - Chains and Bones



This is the sixth album from Canadian singer David Liberty, and the second under the "David Liberty Band" name. One thing that surprised me was looking at the CD inlay booklet which gives the song lyrics and also tells you when each was written. For an album that's being released at the start of 2014 I was surprised to see that the songs were all written between 2007 and 2009

David Liberty's songs may have good tunes but the real focus is on the vocals and the lyrics in particular. The lyrics arent the usual love songs or other light topics but are more thought provoking or introspective. In "X and Y" he sings about the battle of the sexes, while "Protest song" is almost self explanatory. With these sort of lyrics it's particularly nice to see them all printed in the packaging as you can read them at leisure.

In "The apple" the vocals are particularly good with a Roy Orbison feel to them at times. In other songs they've got quite a different sound which takes a bit of getting used to but once you do then you really start to enjoy the songs.

A very good album that's certainly worth a listen.

"Chains and bones" will be released on 13th January 2014

Track listing:

1. Settling
2. The apple
3. Protest song
4. Damn butterflies
5. Romantic declaration
6. Head games
7. X and Y
8. Come by chance
9. Fifteen minutes from now
10. End of story

Writer: Anthony May
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