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Kennna - Imitation is suicide | FESTIVALPHOTO

Kennna - Imitation is suicide



Kenna's release "Imitation is suicide" is actually being released as three separate EPs rather than a single album, with the third part due for release in January. Kenna was born in Ethiopia but grew up in the US and is a Grammy-nominated musician who has worked and toured with artists including Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, Mark Ronson, No doubt and N.E.R.D and many more.

The EP's have a sound that is a real melting pot of influences - Electronica, Funk, Alternative, R&B, Hip-hop and pop - in fact there's very little that doesnt influence his music. This really is a hard one to describe as it really does blend so many different styles together - really the electorinic element is the glue that ties all the other parts together. It's a quite distinctive sound and one that is very refreshing to listen to - it's so rare these days to hear something that really does sound different to the rest of the music you hear on a daily basis.

A very interesting and enjoyable set of EPs to listen to - well worth checking out if you like hearing something new and different.

Track listings:

Imitation is suicide - Chapter 1:

1. Wild wild life
2. Relations (An ode to you and me)
3. Get in closer

Imitation is suicide - Chapter 2

1. Long gone
2. Heaviness
3. Love is still alive

Imitation is suicide - Chapter 3

1. Imitation is suicide
2. How will it end
3. Politics

Writer: Anthony May
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