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PERIPHERY – to release 'Clear' (EP) | FESTIVALPHOTO

PERIPHERY – to release 'Clear' (EP)

PERIPHERY represents the vanguard of addictive, chaotic, challenging and cathartically inviting heavy music for the modern era. Their triple-guitar attack and rhythmic dexterity has won them devoted adherents across underground subcultures, regardless of whether those fans were weaned on the passion-fueled sounds of progressive rock from bands like Dream Theater or Rush or modern avantgarde rock bands like Deftones.

The new experimental recording, 'Clear' (EP), represents the sum total of PERIPHERY's unrivaled achievements.

Jake Bowen (guitars) states: “Clear’ is an experiment to explore all of the different writing styles in the band. It's rare when you have a band where every member is capable of writing and producing music. With each member controlling their own track, this recording enabled us to go down any path we chose in terms of style and sound. Every track also contains a melodic theme established in ‘Clear’'s intro track "Overture" this common thread links all of the songs together, even though they all sound wildly different. ‘Clear’ shouldn't be confused with our new 3rd full-length album that we're currently working on, nor should it be considered ‘just’ an EP as it rides somewhere in-between clocking in at 30 minutes. Enjoy!"

Century Media Records have licensed PERIPHERY’s 'Clear' for the world outside of North America, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. It will be out January 27th, 2014 as limited edition Jewelcase and digital EP.


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Writer: Anthony May
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