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Stone Temple Pilots - High Rise | FESTIVALPHOTO

Stone Temple Pilots - High Rise



In 2010 Stone Temple Pilots fired vocalist Scott Weiland - a move that has sparked lawsuits from both sides. Despite these troubles, the band have carried on making music and have recruited Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington to replace Scott Weiland. Chester Benington stays in Linkin Park so will be splitting his time between the two bands. This no doubt is why Stone Temple Pilots have chosen to release a five track EP rather than a full album.
Reaction from the fans was quite mixed when Chester Bennington was announced with some seeing him as the wrong choice, but as always people are too quick to judge, and crticised without hearing how the band will sound. Well, now the EP is out then fans can hear how things have turned out, and I think the sceptics will be pleasantly surprised.

The band may have started off as Grunge, but their sound has changed steadily over time and now they're more of a straightforward hard rock band.

Brief comments on a couple of tracks..

The EP kicks off with "Out of time", and with it's heavy guitar opening section the vocals kick in, and straight away things sound good - Chester Pennington's voice works extremely well with the music of Stone Temple Pilots. It's a great heavy track with a really nice powerful guitar sound.

"Black heart" is next up and has a very infectious groove. The guitar power has been reined in a bit and the result is a great rock song.

This is a great release. The only real disappointment is that they didn't have the time to record a full album, but what this release does is to introduce the fans to how the band sound with Chester on vocals, and gives fans some great new songs to listen to until the band have time to come up with a full album

Track Listing:
1. Out of Time
2. Black Heart
3. Same on the Inside
4. Cry Cry
5. Tomorrow

Stone Temple Pilots are:

Chester Bennington – Vocals
Dean DeLeo – Guitar
Robert DeLeo – Bass/Backing Vocals
Eric Kretz – Drums

Writer: Anthony May
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