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The David Liberty Band - ‘Chains And Bones’ Out January 13th | FESTIVALPHOTO

The David Liberty Band - ‘Chains And Bones’ Out January 13th

David Liberty is a passionate songwriter. He also possesses a powerfully unique and ornate three-octave singing voice which he uses as the charismatic instrument to tell his stories. New album Chains and Bones perfectly displays his innate and proficient abilities for singing and songwriting with an alluringly fresh baroque rock spin.

Based in Canada, he has performed his songs across the globe and has managed to sound universal to all listeners no matter where they may live. With a trio of expert musicians behind him, all with experience and training ranging from classical, to punk grooves and 60s folk and even 80s hair rock , the amalgamation of influences plus the Neil Hannon-esque vocal stylings result in the most captivating of baroque rock. Meanwhile Liberty’s restless vision of the American dream inspires equally prevailing Southern roots themes backed by Allman Brothers style guitar attacks and bluesy motifs.

David Liberty’s songs are thought provoking, insightful, melancholic and optimistic - they cannot be categorized nor can he. David believes that people want more than just a “hook”, they want an insight and he is more than ready to share all he has seen and learned with them. David not only holds up a mirror to the listener, but also to himself and is not afraid to ask the most painful of questions in search of the truth. The answers may not be pretty in David’s songs and that is because the questions, the journeys and the final destinations are the true rewards.

This is David’s sixth album, and the second with The David Liberty Band. His past releases have received airplay from coast to coast on both commercial and college radio and received rave reviews across the pond.

The David Liberty Band are:

David Liberty – Vocals
Tom Luke – Drums
Brian Fagan – Bass
Gary Boardman – Guitar

Writer: Anthony May
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