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The Melvins

Celebrating their 30 year anniversary the Melvins are touring Australia
with dates backed up from December 6th through to December 18th. Dave McKenna reports his last experience, watching the Melvins.

Soundwave Festival 2011, some would say it's something of a big day It had been exactly that but I was waiting for one act, the Melvins!

A large crowd had gathered and the Melvins had set-up. Tension was rising as the previous band went slightly ages over time. MELVINS! MELVINS! MELVINS! chanted the masses. They stood in silence on stage, waiting, waiting to show us all how it's done. The wait was more than well worth it.

Coady (lefty drummer) and Dale (righty drummer) kicked us into The Water Glass and as the lyrics stated, we were ready! Robed front man and guitarist Buzz and shoulder padded Jared on bass were on song flowing into Evil New War God. This 4 piece were tight, so tight, odd timed-cymbal sharing-outrageously tight! The Kicking Machine into Billy Fish from the Nude With Boots album amazed.

Do I mosh or soak it in? I had to do both. Why not!

We all hung on to every heavy riff, clung to every quirky and harmonized lyric, swam in beats from dual grooving/rocking drummers. But all things must come to a civilized end and what better way to finish the show than with Civilized Worm. My day was made, my festival experience was sealed with the ear tingling remnants of the Melvins.
"Mind officially blown!"

Dave McKenna

Writer: Dave McKenna
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