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Patty Griffin - Silver Bell | FESTIVALPHOTO

Patty Griffin - Silver Bell



This is a slightly unusual release - it's a new album - that was recorded 13 years ago. Patty Griffin recorded "Silver Bell" in 2000, and it was due to be her third album, but her label, A&M who were taken over at the time by new owners decided not to release it and dropped her as an artist. Moving to a new label she has since released a further 5 albums, and has re-recorded some of the songs from "Silver Bell". The Dixie Chicks have also covered “Top Of The World” and “Truth #2” for their six-million-selling 2002 Home album. Now Universal Music, who now own A&M are releasing the album. The album was originally recorded at Daniel Lanois’ Kingsway Studio in New Orleans by Griffin on vocals, guitar and piano with guitarist Doug Lancio, keyboardist John Deaderick, bassist Frank Swart, and percussionist Billy Beard. Emmylou Harris also joined Griffin in the studio to sing harmony on “Truth #2.”, and it's been newly mixed by producer Glyn Johns ready for this release.

It's certainly going to be interesting for fans as a way to hear how her music has developed, although I suspect the more hardcore fans have got leaked versions already. Like most musicians her music has developed over the years, so the question is whether or not fans will find this album worth adding to their collections. Well for me the answer is definitely yes - this album really is extremely good.

There's a lot of variety here - the music ranges from alt-country, to folk to a more rock sound, but some things are consistent - the vocals and music are always top quality and the songs are all excellent. Often an album with so many different styles would just sound like a bit of a mess, but when it's done just right, as is the case here, it works extremely well. In fact despite the huge variety, there's only one track that I'm not that keen on - "Driving". It's not the song itself that Im not keen on - it's a good song, and I like the vocals and most of the music, it's just the drum machine sound during the first part of the song that I find grates.

Overall though I really like this album. It's a shame it's taken so long to get a release, but the fact that it is finally being released is great news. Well worth checking out.

Track listing:

1. Little god
2. Truth #2
3. Boston
4. Perfect white girls
5. Sooner or later
6. What you are
7. Silver Bell
8. Fragile
9. Mother of god
10. One more girl
11. Sorry and sad
12. Driving
13. Top of the world
14. So long

Writer: Anthony May
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