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Interview with Ghost Harlem | FESTIVALPHOTO

Interview with Ghost Harlem


For anyone who isnt familiar with Ghost Harlem, can you tell us a little bit about the band ?

Maho:We are from Tokyo. I was called to be “trying to band activities”, and gathered friends of hometown can play the instrument.
Kanon:Maho is the vocalist. Ginchang is the guitarist. Me, Kanon is Bassist. Kaname is the Drummer.
Ginchang:Our music is “Neo Metal Music”!!

Your album, Flame of Darkness was released earlier this year. Can you tell us a bit about the album?

Maho:"Flame of DARKNESS" is the necessary and important song, we perform this song first at live show.
We recorded this song, we are particular about sounds and pursued about being ourself.
"Flame of DARKNESS" is the third release, but we think the first release as ghost harlem.
(磨炎:「Flame of DARKENSS」は、いつもライブの1曲目に演奏する大事な曲です。
この曲は実際は三枚目のリリースですが、GHOST HARLEMにとってはファーストリリースだと思っています。)

What is the song writing process in the band - are there one or two main song writers or do you work together to write the songs?

Ginchang: I formed the demo and arranged by all member at rehearsal studio.

What are the inspirations for writing the lyrics?

 Maho:I listen to melody and inspiration of that song, because I write lyrics lastly.
 And I construct add what I want to say or think at that time.

Do you have any live shows planned for later this year?
 Kaname:Yes! We have many live shows.
Oct. 24th at Shibuya StarLounge
Oct. 28th at Shibuya CYCLONE
Oct. 31th at Meguro RockMayKan
Nov. 2nd at Kichijoji RockJointGB
Nov. 10th at Kashiwa ThumbUp
Nov. 22nd at Kichijoji CRESCENDO
Dec. 20th at Shinjuku Birth
Dec. 21st at Kichijoji CRESCENDO
Dec. 31st at Kashiwa ThumbUp

Are there any plans to play shows outside Japan?
 Kanon: No, we don't have that plans now. But we want to play shows outside Japan!!

What bands do you think have influenced your music?
 Maho:I am influenced the Japanese band “Kuroyume”.
 Ginchang:X Japan, Children of Bodom and The Agonist.
 Kanon:I am influenced the Classic music because I play the piano of Classic music from when I was a child – Bach, Debussy, and more.
 Kaname:I am influenced the Japanese band “LUNA SEA”.
 銀chang:X Japan、Children of Bodom、The Agonistなど。
 要:僕は「LUNA SEA」に影響を受けています。)

When you buy music, Which do you prefer and why - CD, Vinyl or legal downloads ?
 Maho:I choose of CD.
 Ginchang:I choose of CD too.
 Kanon:I choose of CD too. Because I think it's one work, including some kind of binding.
 Kaname:I choose of CD too. Because I can’t download. lol

What was the last album you bought?
Maho:I bought the new album of Rob Zombie.
Ginchang:I bought the “Halo Of Blood” of Children Of Bodom.
Kanon:I bought the “Flame of DARKNESS” for myself. lol
Kaname:I bought the album of LUNA SEA.
銀chang:Children Of BodomのHalo Of Blood。
華音:自分用にFlame of DARKNESSを買いました。笑
要:僕はLUNA SEAです。)

Writer: Anthony May
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