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Los Lobos - Disconnected in New York City | FESTIVALPHOTO

Los Lobos - Disconnected in New York City



In the UK Los Lobos are often regarded as a one-hit wonder after their chart success with "La Bamba", but in reality they've been going for 40 years. They've got a sound that mixes Mexican folk music with traditional Spanish music, blues, R&B, Roots rock and latin soul. That's quite a mix of influences and it does show through as you listen to their music.
This release is a live album that was recorded at the City Winery in New York in December last year, and includes songs taken from throughout their career.

If you've never listened to Los Lobos before then you're in for a treat - and a surprising variety of music. Kicking off with "The neighbourhood" we're treated to a lovely Blues number sung in English. In contrast, "Chuco's cumbia" has a much more upbeat latin rhythm and the lyrics are in spanish. As you go through the album then every song gives us something new, and highlights a bit more of their sound.
I must admit to being surprised - I had expected some of the variety, but not as much as there is here. This sampling of the different sounds they play means that this album is a perfect introduction to Los Lobos - you get a bit of everything, and the more you listen to it the more you enjoy different songs.

If you haven't listened to Los Lobos, then "La Bamba" is the song you'll probably recognise when you hear it, but the whole album is definitely worth listening to - it really is impressive. Strongly recommended.

Track listing:

1. Intro
2. The neighborhood
3. Oh yeah
4. Chuco's Cumbia
5. Tears of god
6. La venganza de los pelados
7. Tin Can trust
8. I got to let you know
9. Maria Christina
10. Malaque
11. Little things
12. Set me free (Rosa Lee)
13. La Bamba / Good Lovin' (medley)

Writer: Anthony May
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