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David Rotheray streams tracks from his new album | FESTIVALPHOTO

David Rotheray streams tracks from his new album

Next month sees the release of ex-Beautiful South guitarist David Rotheray’s brand new solo record. It features the vocal talents of Lisa Knapp, Kris Drever, Eliza Carthy, Alasdair Roberts and many more. The concept is interesting too… the album runs as a collection of songs that offer responses to, or continuations to stories of, famous musical characters.
Ever wondered what happened to The Police’s Roxanne, or Elton John’s Daniel? Rotheray offers up his own interpretations

ROXANNE'S SONG (ft. Kathryn Williams)

In 'Roxanne' (The Police, 1978), Sting chides his prostitute girlfriend and begs her to renounce her profession. In 'Roxanne's Song' , she replies by essentially telling Sting to get stuffed. Roxanne is an independent businesswoman, a successful entrepreneur. She doesn't like being told what to do, or what to wear. She is a child of Thatcher, one year early.

MRS AVERY'S SONG (ft. Jackie Oates)

In 'Sylvia's Mother' (Dr Hook,1972) Mrs Avery prevents her daughter from speaking to her boyfriend on the phone, despite his pleadings ("please Mrs Avery, just wanna talk to her.."). In "Mrs Avery's song, we see why. Mrs Avery is a controlling , dominant mother , possibly a religious fundamentalist (a bit like the mother in 'Carrie', perhaps).

She doesn't like the Dr Hook guy , or his rock 'n roll credentials. She wants her daughter to be an obedient Stepford Wife, and marry a nice guy from Galveston.

SYLVIA'S SONG (ft. Jackie Oates)

Sylvia (from 'Sylvia's Mother, Dr Hook, 1972 ) is unaware of her mother's tampering with her love life. Feeling abandoned by the Dr Hook guy, she marries the man from Galveston and consoles herself with a shopping, cats, and a ride-on lawn mower.

Writer: Anthony May
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