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The Drake Equation: Shout and metal from the cold | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Drake Equation: Shout and metal from the cold



A strange thing we have a business in the case of The Drake Equation from Västerås. The young band is namely a progressive metal group with a strange idea in the line, to use nu-metal and much more melodic scenes and episodes in their creation. In the freshly released Variables album I feel that more, than they confess on their webpage: progressive style with inspiration also from pop and electro, despite this the CD is harder than it was expected.
About this released album I had some questions to their drummer, Adam Janzi.
What would you say about the new album?
I would say that it's the most complete EP we've done so far, since it shows many different sides of us. We are really proud of it! Recording it was an amazing experience, to work on the pre-production under pressure and then enter the studio and record all the songs. Sure, it was stressful, but it was still incredibly fun.
What musical influence effected on Variables?
We we're definitely inspired by the band Periphery, since their drummer Matt Halpern is my drumteacher. He helped us alot with developing the drumsound. We also extended our electro-influence aswell as the orchestral influence. Our music is about standing strong on your own two legs, not bowing down to mindless authorities and embracing freedom. We hope its perceptible in our style. Anyway, at the moment we are actually writing some songs for a new upcoming album, aswell as working on getting more tours and shows these coming months.. and we are of course working on some more treats, but we won't reveal them to you just yet..
In total we could say, Variables is a five star work from this young band. Sounds great, and giving a motivation to all the guys for sure, who like progressive melodies, and will like the style and message of The Drake Equation, even thought its only three tracks, and a bonus track on the disc. So do not hesitate to rock it, highly recommended to everyone. Stay metal!

Writer: Orsi Kurcz
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