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Anna Murphy - Cellar Darling Out November 4th on Booya Music Ltd | FESTIVALPHOTO

Anna Murphy - Cellar Darling Out November 4th on Booya Music Ltd

With Cellar Darling comes the long-anticipated first solo effort of Swiss singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Anna Murphy.

Skillfully, Anna melts pop, rock and electronica into a wildly diverse mix, prompting comparisons to a variety of artists ranging from Florence And The Machine all the way to the likes of Jack White and Muse.

Responsible not only for the lyrics and music, the uncompromising young artist takes complete control including co-producing the album with Marco Jencarelli (Soundfarm Studios, Philipp Fankhauser, Dada Ante Portas) and even painting most of the artwork herself. She tells an intimate tale in an epic lyrical concept, often with a slightly sarcastic angle.

As much a music fan as an artist, Anna refuses any further explanation - not to keep her fans in the dark, but to allow them to immerse themselves in their own version of the story, and to allow the songs to come to life in a personal way for each listener. Or, in Anna’s own words: “I prefer to pour my emotions into my music, rather than onto my listeners.”

At a young age, the daughter of Swiss and Irish opera singers has already toured the world several times over, releasing several albums and playing hundreds of shows in more than 35 countries as a member of Eluveitie. Now she’s stepping in the spotlight with “Cellar Darling” and it promises to extend her already accomplished career into completely new territories.

Anna Murphy will be playing a gig at the 100 club in London on 11th October - tickets available here...

Writer: Anthony May
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