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Interview with the Punch-Drunks | FESTIVALPHOTO

Interview with the Punch-Drunks

In an interview with Devin O’Rouke and Noah Trevino, members of the new folk group “Punch-Drunks”, a two piece ensemble from Los Angeles.

1. How did you arrive at your name?

Devin: Punch-Drunks is name that Noah and I arrived on based on the boozy nature that a lot of our songs seemed to have and also our affinity for Paul Thomas Anderson's 2002 film Punch-Drunk Love.

Noah: Devin and I first bonded over Paul Thomas Anderson films so we were kicking around ideas that incorporated that and then when that name came up it was an immediate decision. The name makes a lot of sense for what we talk about in our songs.

2. How would you define yourselves?

Devin: We define ourselves as an acoustic duo. The band was built on the concept of two mics and two guitars and the idea of equality. Generally speaking, we limit our performances and our recordings to two acoustic guitars. I write half of the songs, Noah writes the other half. I sing harmonies and play lead on his songs and vice versa.

Noah: We are alt-folk, folk punk style band.

3. How long have you been a group?

Devin: Punch-Drunks became a thing in late 2012. We played our first show in January 2013.

Noah: We started talking about playing together in September and started recording our first EP in December.

4. Do you have a manager or a label?

Punch-Drunks: No current manager or label.

5. Where did you get your start?

Devin: In Los Angeles.

Noah: I started playing in bands in Virginia when I was in 9th grade. I was a drummer for a number of punk bands and ended up playing in an Americana band called Lightfoot near the tail end

6. At what point in your lives did you realize that you wanted to become musicians and why?

Devin: My desire to actually play music came in late high school and early college by which point I had a bunch of musician friends. I played some in high school but didn't devote myself to it till college when I was inspired by the playing and singing of some of my friends.

Noah: As far as guitar is concerned, it was in 94 when I saw Green Day playing Woodstock on MTV. I had to do what he was doing. I went out and bought a black fender and a tab book for Dookie and learned "When I Come Around."

7. What takes you to LA, and how long will you be there? Do you perform in Austin? If you do, where are your stomping grounds?

Devin: I went to college in Austin at UT. Noah went to George Mason University of Virginia. We met out here in LA through a mutual friend. We've both been living out here for three years or so. We have tentative plans to come play Austin this fall. Maybe Hole in the Wall or something

Noah: I moved to LA to be in the film industry. I thought my music days were over until I saw Devin on stage alone and realized it was something I needed to pursue again. Haven't performed in Austin myself

8. Is this your debut album, or do you have others?

Noah: We have two other EPs that were released in January and February of this year

9. Is everyone a first time band member, or were they apart of other bands before?

Devin: Noah and I were part of another band together before Punch-Drunks.

Noah: Both of us have been in other bands. Around the time we were getting Punch-Drunks together I also became a guitar player and back-up singer for Devin’s other band “Total Brick.”

10. Who are your influences?

Devin: I really learned to play by covering Dylan, Tom Petty, Old 97's, Wilco, Johnny Cash, CCR...etc. I grew up listening to Beatles and Beach Boys records that my dad played and that really got me interested in melody. In High School my dad took me to see The Who's Tommy and I was just floored. I used to drive around delivering pizzas listening to Tommy and Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road". In college my most played records were probably David Bowie's "Hunky Dory" and Old 97's "Too Far to Care"

As far as the common influences that come up between me and Noah, the big ones are Elliott Smith, Weezer, Daniel Johnston, Blaze Foley, Buddy Holly and Green Day. That's really the starting point for our collaboration.

Noah: Elliott Smith, Joey Cape of Lagwagon, Jack White, Billie Joe Armstrong, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Pete Doherty, Ryan Smith, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding. It goes on and on.

11. Any upcoming performances? Do you have a website, or a social media page where fans can connect and learn more about you and your upcoming gigs and performances?

Devin: Here's our Facebook:
Here's our website:

We're playing consistently around the LA area. We're planning a fall tour, the Dates and everything on our site.

Interviewer: Eric Falcon Delgado

Writer: Eric Falcon Delgado
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