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Primitai album news | FESTIVALPHOTO

Primitai album news


British metal heroes Primitai release their brand new single ’Scream When You See Us’ on September 9th and the band are excited to confirm that it features none other than Richie Faulkner from Judas Priest!

The track is a powerful blast of melodic metal but one that never loses sight of the rich heritage of bands like Priest and Maiden and having the dextrous six string skills of Faulkner adds a whole new level of intensity!

‘RISE AGAIN’ Track list
Fortune Favours The Brave/Scream When You See Us (featuring Richie Faulkner)/
Rise Again/Pound For Pound/Driven Wild/The Cannibal/Holy Defender/
Blink Of An Eye/The Huntress/What Watches Over Me

Check out the lyric video for the first track released from the album, ’Fortune Favours The Brave’, here:

And don’t forget you can get a free download of
’Fortune Favours The Brave’ here:

One of the UK’s finest exponents of traditional metal, Primitai are excited to release a brand new lyric video to support the release of the first single from their upcoming ‘Rise Again’ album.

The single is available free to download now from the band’s Noisetrade page.

Check out the teaser clip for ‘Rise Again’ here;

One of the UK’s finest exponents of traditional metal, Primitai are excited to announce the release of their latest studio album. ‘Rise Again’
The album features ten concrete slabs of unadulterated heavy metal, including the first single ‘Fortune Favours The Brave’, the epic ‘The Cannibal’ and the riff-fest that is ‘Scream When You See Us’ (featuring a very special guest appearance from Judas Priest guitarist Richie Faulkner).
Drummer Chris Chilcott comments ‘Mixed and mastered by Fredrik Nordstrom (Dream Evil, Arch Enemy, Sabaton, In Flames, Hammerfall, Firewind) at Studio Fredman, Gothenburg, Sweden, and recorded by Tom Keech at Stakeout Studios, London, this album represents a year’s worth of blood, sweat and tears. We're very proud of what we’ve achieved with our latest creation and can’t wait for you guys to hear it. Stay tuned for more updates coming very soon…’
Primitai also welcome the band’s new guitarist Tom Draper, who replaced founder member Nick Saxby earlier this year. Tom’s arrival has added a fresh impetus to proceedings as well as, alongside Srdjan Bilic, some inspired guitar work.
Primitai - ‘Rise Again’ October 14th

What the press had to say about ‘The Line Of Fire’…

‘Straight out of the NWOBHM text books. Surprise CD of the week is the best possible way. Twin guitar mannered mania.’ Classic Rock

‘Eight tracks of adulterated metallic jubilation’ Kerrang
‘Primitai have the potential to be right up there with the best’ Music Week
‘Primitai have come out with all rock guns blazing, with classic metal riffs, thundering drums, mosh pit rhythms and testosterone filled vocals’ Classic Rock Society

Primitai is; Guy Miller (vocals) Tom Draper & Srdjan Bilic (guitars)
Jamie Lordcastle (bass) Chris Chilcott (drums).

Writer: Anthony May
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