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Joseph Arthur - The Ballad of Boogie Christ | FESTIVALPHOTO

Joseph Arthur - The Ballad of Boogie Christ



Joseph Arthur is an American singer-songwriter. Since 1996 he's released seven solo albums plus eleven EP's along with a couple more albums with side projects RNDM and Fistful of Mercy. The ballad of boogie Christ is his eighth album and the third in three years - this is a man who is certainly busy writing and recording material. The album was funded via a Pledgemusic campaign, so fans who pledged have already got the album, but it is now going on general release.

It's a double album, split into two acts, and is a concept album which has been loosely based on Arthur's life.

Brief comments on a couple of tracks..

"The ballad of Boogie Christ" really does sound like a Lou Reed song, particularly with the vocals also having a Lou Reed feel to them as well.

In contrast, the next song, "I used to know how to walk on water" has more of a dark blues feel to it

I really like this album, but it does feel hard to pin down as Joseph Arthur feels like a musical chameleon, constantly changing, so there's no clear single sound for the album - instead we get a huge range of variety. While this could be a negative, there's also a positive as there's always something different coming up as you listen to the album.

A really interesting and enjoyable album to listen to - well worth checking out.

"The ballad of Boogie Christ" will be released on 9th September through Real World Records

Track listing:

Act 1:

1. Currency of love
2. Saint of impossible causes
3. The ballad of Boogie Christ
4. I used to know how to walk on water
5. Wait for your lights
6. I miss the zoo (acoustic)
7. It's ok to be young/gone
8. Still life honey rose
9. Black flowers
10. King of Cleveland
11. Famous friends along the coast
12. All the old heroes

Act 2:

1. Blue lights in the rear view
2. Maybe yes
3. I am the witness
4. Travel as equals (acoustic)
5. Holding the void
6. Missy baba
7. Akron skies
8. Soul sister slave
9. We bagan to dance again
10. Whisper of whispers
11. House of your love
12. In the city

Writer: Anthony May
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