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Steve Cradock - Travel wild, travel free | FESTIVALPHOTO

Steve Cradock - Travel wild, travel free



Steve Cradock is a founding member of Ocean Colour Scene, and since 1992 has played guitar for Paul Weller. As well as his work with these acts, he's also been involved in various other collaborations and has released two solo albums. Now he's releasing his third solo album - Travel Wild, Travel Free.

You may be jumping to some ideas as to how the album will sound based on his work with Paul Weller and Ocean Colour Scene, but if you are then you need to think again - this sounds nothing like either of those acts. Instead it has a very retro sound. There are lots of rock bands going for a 70s retro sound at the moment, but Steve Cradock hasn't decided to go down that route either - instead he's gone for a 60s psychedelic pop sound.

Does it work? Oh hell yes. This is great stuff, and if I heard some of the songs without knowing who they were or when they'd been recorded I'd certainly have guessed at something from the 1960s. There's a psychedelic element, along with pop and folk. The music is excellent, the songs are beautifully written and I love the vocals too - really there's absolutely nothing here to criticise.

A superb album - highly recommended.

"Travel wild, travel free" will be released on 30th September 2013 via Proper Records

Track listing:

1. Anyway The Wind Blows
2. Sheer Inertia
3. I Am The Sea
4. The Magic Hour
5. 10,000 Times
6. Out Of Mist
7. Street Fire
8. Doodle Book
9. Running Isn't Funny Anymore
10. Travel Wild - Travel Free
11. Elizabethan
12. Shark Fin Island
13. Dreaming My Life Away

Writer: Anthony May
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