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Bad Pollyanna - Monstrous child | FESTIVALPHOTO

Bad Pollyanna - Monstrous child



Alternative rock band Bad Pollyanna are about to release their debut album - Monstrous child. Although not described as a concept album, it is really as the songs all tie together to tell one complete story. The songs tell the story of a young woman who falls victim to a mad scientist's attempts to reincarnate his lost love and who against her will gets transformed into a beautiful but deadly monster. With rage and lust coursing through her powerful new body but her memories intact, she faces a brutal battle between holding onto her humanity and her desire to avenge a lifetime of powerlessness. This story is refelected in the videos that will be released - check out the first one at the bottom of this review and watch for yourself.

I've been hearing good things about the band for some time and have been wanting to see one of their live shows, but so far haven't managed to make it to one of their gigs, but after listening to this album I'm even more determined that I need to see this band live - I love this album.

Great tunes, great lyrics, good vocals and a good rock sound with added electronic elements make this an excellent album. It's got a distinctive sound too which helps them stand out from a lot of the other bands around at the moment.

Highly recommended - I've already ordered myself a copy on CD.

"Monstrous child" will be released on 28th August 2013.

Track listing:

1. Hollow
2. Awake now
3. Monstrous child
4. Liquid lover
5. Where does it hurt?
6. Letting you go
7. My Incubi
8. The living dead
9. Chase the demons (from my bed)
10. Epilogue (Invincible girl)

Bad Pollyanna are:

Olivia Hyde - Vocals/Piano
Nikki Kontinen - Bass/Programming
Stephen Kilpatrick - Guitars
Valerian Adore - Drums/Percussion

Writer: Anthony May
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