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Depeche Mode storms in Vilnius | FESTIVALPHOTO

Depeche Mode storms in Vilnius



There are some days in your life, when you have no words to describe them, except „I'm in Heaven..“. Oh well, so this one is about Depeche Mode 'Delta Machine' tour concert in Vilnius – most likely the concert of the year here.
I came there at 6 pm, sharp. This was the time, when photographers meet up next to the one of three entrances. As we went inside with our green photo passes on the shoulders (chest or any other place you like it to be..), I realized, how much time we still have until the main act. As for the opening this time there were two bands before Depeche Mode. That is quite a lot, actually, although it had its advantages. The first one – Instrumenti, band from our the most friendly neighbours – Latvia. There was something surprisingly interesting in their show and something too familiar at the same time. And the second act, just right before Depeche Mode – Diamond Version. Nothing but good electronic stuff and nothing to take photos of – two heads next to the laptops. Oh well, this night was not about them anyway.
While warming up bands are playing, everybody has their time – checking official merchandise (oh my, what a cues!), drinking beer... or posing for photographers with their brand new DM t-shirt or something even fancier – like huge DM related flag, gloves, earrings or anything you might think of. Or just being traditional type of true Depeche Mode fan: white jeans, black leather jacket, DM t-shirt and short hair, as frontman Dave Gahan had in some 1987-1991. That is pure classic, that is why I did the same, just leaving leather jacket at home : +29C degrees outside (and I kept my long hair, too – no worries)!
The very true part of the whole concert, that everybody awaited, starts at 9 pm, when the Depeche Mode members shows up in the left stage corner – waving, smiling and making their fans simply go crazy. And then the time starts running, hurrying and rushing through the rest of the show – I have no idea were and how, and why.. and.. more than two hours of DM music just flew away! Show starts with the very new songs from their new album 'Delta Machine': 'Welcome to My World' and 'Angel'. The third one gives an easy heart attack in a good way: 'Walking in My Shoes'... Believe me, it is not the easiest way to take photos of your beloved band, when you have only the time of three first precious songs. Well, that is the standard more or less, there is just some emotional factor playing, when you stop thinking about it as the 'standard concert'. Continuing about the songs and the albums, DM were quite generous this time: besides new songs and the ones, that every DM fan knows it is 'must-be-see-hear' songs as 'Enjoy the silence', 'Personal Jesus', etc., there were some usually more hidden pearls. The first was the least expected – 'Shake the disease' (1985), then - 'Halo' (1990), 'Home' (1997), 'Barrel of Gun' (1997)... As far as I know, they change setlists for some concerts, so every pick could be unique in some way. And oh well, for the very very end of the show traditional 'Never Let Me Down Again' with all these thousands of DM fans waving hands to sides – this is something, that reminds me, why I even started all these things – disease, called Depeche Mode, which never lets you down, if you started loving them. That shows each concert, whenever you go – you see lots of fans, many of them – travel around the Europe or even the world following this band. And they repeat this tradition each time the band releases new album and go on the tour. In this show I noticed flags from Argentina, Russia, Belarus among the other people who also came from neighboring countries or even from further ones, mentioned before – it is just the way it works.
There is one more thing besides high quality, long show, nice Anton's visuals, Martin's fancy guitars or attractive leader, flirting with audience, that makes their live show even more special. It is the way, how they play many songs simply different from the studio version. Something additional – guitar parts and even solos, other samples or whatever it is, that makes it even more interesting: we can listen to the album version at home by ourselves, this is something what is made exactly for the people who came to see them live. Why I started talking about this? Well, I sort of expected these things on songs like 'Enjoy the Silence', 'Never Let Me Down Again', 'Personal Jesus' – that is the most common songs that usually need these updates. And it was so. And it was also with the song from album 'Playing The Angel' – 'Pain That I'm Used to' – to be honest, it took a little more than usual to realize which song it is before Dave started singing. Kudos!


Writer: Jurga Kalinauskaite
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