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IWRESTLEDABEARONCE - debut 'Carnage Asada' (feat. Steve Vai) | FESTIVALPHOTO

IWRESTLEDABEARONCE - debut 'Carnage Asada' (feat. Steve Vai)

Los Angeles based avant-garde hardcore band IWRESTLEDABEARONCE has premiered a brand new song titled 'Carnage Asada', which features a solo from legendary axeman Steve Vai, today at The new song is featured on the band’s forthcoming album 'Late For Nothing' which is scheduled for release on August 12th in Europe via Century Media Records.

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Watch IWABO’s new infomercial for Late For Nothing:

Blistering fast solos abound on IWABO’s latest song, 'Carnage Asada', thanks in part to the renowned skills of guitar master Steve Vai. The newest track from, 'Late For Nothing', starts with neck-wrenching solo that gives way to brutal onslaught of mayhem. Singer Courtney LaPlante’s angelic choruses shine a light on the band’s versatility while Vai and guitarists John Ganey and Steven Bradley bring the shred.

'Carnage Asada' is one of twelve progressive, jaw-dropping tracks from IWABO’s highly anticipated new album 'Late For Nothing', which also includes the recently released songs 'Firebees' and 'Thunder Chunky'.

IWABO is wrapping up a European tour at the moment and will return to the U.S. later this month for The All Stars Tour 2013 with Every Time I Die.

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Writer: Anthony May
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