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Pitch - Conquistador | FESTIVALPHOTO

Pitch - Conquistador



Pitch is a French Progressive rock band. It was originally a duo called Bruno Pitch (the name of its founder), and their first album was an instrumental one, but following the arriver of vocalist Syloe, they changed the name of the band to simply 'Pitch'. Conquistador is their first release as a three-piece.

This album is definitely a case of don't judge a book by it's cover (or to be more accurate, don't judge an album by it's cover). With a title of Conquistador, a cover depicting a sailing ship, and the song titles all being pirate or nautical related, I was expecting a nice bit of pirate rock along the lines of Running Wild or Alestorm. In reality though that couldnt be further from the truth.
This is Prog rock, with a splash of Jazz thrown in. One bit stood out for me looking at the lineup - Bruno Pitch plays a "Chapman stick", an instrument I'd never heard of before. Apparently it's a 10 string board instrument that allows the player to play both the bass and guitar parts on the one instrument using a tapping technique.

I'm not sure that the Pirate theme really fits the Prog rock music, but leaving that aside, what you have here is an album of some lovely Jazz infused Prog Rock. The vocals are excellent, and the music is also extremely good. It's definitely well worth a listen for Prog fans.

'Conquistador' is out now

Rating: 7/10

Track listing:

1. Magellans dream
2. In the land of pirates
3. Wooden leg
4. Plastic palace
5. Conquistador
6. In the seven seas
7. Easter island
8. Cap horn
9. Lost in Babylon
10. The call of Blackbeard

Pitch are:

Syloe - Vocal & keyboards
Bruno Pitch - Chapman stick
Guix Hure - Drums

Writer: Anthony May
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