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Diana Jones - Museum of Appalachia recordings | FESTIVALPHOTO

Diana Jones - Museum of Appalachia recordings



'Museum of Appalachia recordings' is the new album from American singer-songwriter Diana Jones. As the name suggests, the album was recorded at the Museum of Appalachia in Tennessee. With a collection of songs written Diana Jones and two fellow musicians, Matt Combs and Shad Cobb recorded the album in the space of two days in the Peters Homestead Cabin at the museum. This means that everything was kept simple with the songs recorded live.

A range of instruments are used on the album - banjo, mandolin, fiddles, guitars and a mandola. The choice of instruments used combines with the simple live recording style and the traditional sounding songs gives the album a kind of timeless quality - it could have been recorded this week or a hundred years ago - it's impossible to tell from listening to it (apart from the fact the recording is crystal clear so unlikely to be too old). Her voice is excellent and again has that timeless feel to it.

It's an excellent album - one of those albums that you can happily listen to again and again without ever getting bored of it. If you're a lover of Appalachian music or American folk music in general then this is an album that you really ought to listen to.

An excellent album that's well worth a listen.

Track listing:

1. O sinner
2. Drunkard's daughter
3. Song for a worker
4. Sparrow
5. Ohio
6. Love O Love
7. Orphan's home
8. Gold mine
9. Satan
10. Tennessee
11. The other side

Writer: Anthony May
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