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Voodoo Six, New city kings & Fighting wolves - Garage, London - 9th May 2013 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Voodoo Six, New city kings & Fighting wolves - Garage, London - 9th May 2013



There are some gigs you go to where the support bands are superbly well suited to playing with the headliners. Sadly tonight was not one of those gigs - more the opposite.

The first band was Fighting Wolves. The name suggested something heavy, so I was expecting hard rock or metal. Instead we got some bland indie rock. The bass player looked to not know the songs - he had sheets of paper with notes for each song, but at least not many people had to endure their pretty awful set - the venue was almost empty, with most fans staying in the pubs nearby.

Next up came New City Kings. While they may have been an improvement on Fighting Wolves, that isn't saying much. They were another underwhelming band who's rock was so bland it made Nickelback seem like a thrash metal band. Again they played to a pretty sparse audience.

After the two supports, thankfully it was time for the headliners - Voodoo Six. Now it was time for some great music, and in the 20 minutes before they came on stage the venue had filled up and was now very busy. As you'd expect from a band that is about to start a two month tour of Europe supporting Iron Maiden, these guys are good. I've seen them a couple of times before in the last 2 years and they were good then, but tonight they really step up to another level. With a new album about to be released (Songs to invade countries to), they had plenty of very strong material to play, and play it they did.
The band don't just play superbly good music - they also know how to put in a great performance and whereas in some bands the singer is the only one to move around while the guitarists and bassist seem glued to the spot, with Voodoo six they all move around the stage to use all the available space, and as a result, rather than just focussing on watching the singer, you end up watching all the different band members.
An excellent set from a band that goes from strength to strength.


Writer: Anthony May
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