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'THE BLAST SUPPER' | A 32-Track iTunes Exclusive Ultimate Nuclear Blast Compilation | FESTIVALPHOTO

'THE BLAST SUPPER' | A 32-Track iTunes Exclusive Ultimate Nuclear Blast Compilation

NUCLEAR BLAST and iTunes have joined forces to create a delicious feast of Rock and Metal for a tasty low price.
The digital-only compilation, entitled 'The Blast Supper', features 32-tracks for just £4.99 - that’s less than 16 pence per song - from the label’s increasingly varied and diverse roster. The collection covers Thrash, Death, Power, Tech, Goth, Core, Prog Metal through to Stoner and Classic Rock!

'The Blast Supper' is available now, exclusively through iTunes.

At the same time, iTunes will also be retailing a classic album from EVERY band on this compilation for just £4.99 too!
This includes the latest releases from Anthrax, Testament, Enslaved, Bury Tomorrow, Sylosis, Behemoth, Graveyard, Municipal Waste, Threshold, Meshuggah and loads more...

'The Blast Supper' Track-List:

1. ANTHRAX - 'Fight 'Em Til You Can't'
2. TESTAMENT - 'Native Blood'
3. NIGHTWISH - 'Storytime'
4. AVANTASIA - 'Sleepwalking'
5. EPICA - 'Storm Through The Sorrow'
6. ENSLAVED - 'Thoughts Like Hammers (Edit)'
7. MESHUGGAH - 'Break Those Bones...'
8. KREATOR - 'Phantom Antichrist'
9. EXODUS - 'Hammer And Life'
10. SOILWORK - 'Spectrum Of Eternity'
11. ACCEPT - 'Stalingrad'
12. AMORPHIS - 'Hopeless Days'
13. SABATON - 'Carolous Rex'
14. BURY TOMORROW - 'Lionheart'
15. SYLOSIS - 'Born Anew'
16. DEATH ANGEL - 'River Of Rapture'
17. DESTRUCTION - 'Cyanide'
18. BEHEMOTH - 'Ov Fire And The Void'
19. DIMMU BORGIR - 'Gateways (Edit)'
20. WINTERSUN - 'When Time Fades Away'
21. GRAVEYARD - 'Goliath'
22. WITCHCRAFT - 'It's Not Because Of You'
23. SCAR SYMMETRY - 'Illuminoid Dream Sequence'
24. THRESHOLD - 'Ashes (Edit)'
25. SONATA ARCTICA - 'I Have A Right'
26. MUNICIPAL WASTE - 'The Fatal Feast'
27. HELL - 'On Earth As It Is In Hell'
28. GRAND MAGUS - 'Valhalla Rising'
29. DORO - 'Raise Your Fist In The Air'
30. THE 69 EYES - 'Red'
31. HARDCORE SUPERSTAR - 'One More Minute'
32. KATAKLYSM - 'A Soulless God'

Head over to iTunes to purchase 'The Blast Supper' now:

And for all our £4.99 campaign albums, find them by hitting this link:

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Writer: Anthony May
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