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Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker - Fire & Fortune | FESTIVALPHOTO

Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker - Fire & Fortune



Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker are both classically trained musicians and have paired up to unite her beautiful voice with his guitar playing. They've already released an EP (Homemade heartache) and an album (The seas are deep) together and are now releasing their second album - Fire & fortune.

The album contains a mix of original songs and traditional songs that have been given the pairs personal touch. As you listen to the album, the constant throughout the songs is Josienne Clarke's beautiful voice which takes centre stage. Musically things vary a bit more - while it's the guitar that is the main accompaniment, there are other instruments used in different songs - violin, saxophone, cello, drums, piano and more, and the use of different instruments in different songs helps give each a more distinct identity. The music is beautifully done - never so prominent that it overshadows the vocals, but equally just prominent enough to really help give the songs their character.

It's a great album and one that folk lovers are sure to enjoy.

'Fire & fortune' will be released on 22nd July on Navigator records

Track listing:

1. After me
2. The month of January
3. The seasons
4. Another perfect love
5. My love is like a red red rose
6. Sycamore tree
7. Fire & fortune
8. Green grow the laurels
9. Anyone but me
10. A pauper and a poet
11. No such certainty
12. When a knight won his spurs

Writer: Anthony May
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