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Monster Bash 2013 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Monster Bash 2013


Monster Bash 2013

Monster Bash is a new punk-rock music festival, founded in Berlin. This year was the third one and for the first time this music event was organized also in Munich on the 26th of April.

This was my first big music festival, so I was really excited when the day came. And the day was the 27th of April. The performances took place both in C-Club and Collumbia Halle:

The 27th:

Running order Monster Bash Saturday

The 28th:

Running order Sunday

During the day it wasn’t so crowded as I expected, but there were lots of people with a great mood, waiting to hear their favourite bands.
In the yard between the hall and the club the people could buy different merchandise stuff or eat tasty things, which reminds me that there was even a place with vegan food only, where people represented the peta2 campaign. There was also a big skate ramp, where the amazing skaters and bmx-riders showed the crowd some kick-ass tricks!
On the stand for the signing sessions the fans could get an autograph from: Less Than Jake, Millencolin, Flatliners, Templeton Pek, Rise Against, Grade, Title Fight and A Wilhelm Scream.

Honestly, I spent all of my time in Columbiahalle, so I saw most of the performances there – the bands were playing with such an energy! People were crowd surfing or crashing in the mosh pit, cheering and singing – the perfect atmosphere for a punk-rock festival!

I would say, that I was really impressed by Less Than Jake, who played in the fist evening.
I just loved hearing live ska songs mixed with trombone sounds – pretty amazing performance!
In the pause between two of the songs the lead vocalist of the band, Roger Manganelli,
told the security guys to bring up on the stage two kids, who were in the crowd with their parents. They were about 10-11 years old, brother and sister, and looked liked they really enjoyed the concert, so Roger wanted them to show the public some dance moves – and they did! I bet that this very moment would remain a great childhood memory for them, when they grow up!
I even met this Scottish guy, who came all the way from London to see his favourite band – Flag!

The 27th was the perfect ska evening, but I really couldn’t wait for the next day, because I was about to see one of my most favourite bands – Rise Against!
The day came and I had to wait for so long until the end, because Rise Against were the headliners of the festival and they had the honour to drop the curtain.
All the musicians gave their hearts out and it also turned out that it was Pennywise 25th anniversary since the are playing together!

And finally it was time for Rise Against to come up on the stage - I was standing right in the front with my video camera waiting to see them! It’s really exciting, when you get the chance to hear some of your favourite great artists, and I really enjoyed every second of it!
They played songs like “Give it all”, “Survive”, “Prayer of the refugee”, “Injection”, “Drones”. Tim Mcilarth also played alone “Hero of war” and “Swing live away” – his enchanting voice made the whole hall sing with him! And the big final was “Savior”, where the boys really gave it all!

The Monster Bash Festival was a great experience and I would love to go next year too!!!

Writer: Velislava Sapundzhieva
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