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Code of Silence: Dark Skies Over Babylon | FESTIVALPHOTO

Code of Silence: Dark Skies Over Babylon



Mausoleum/Sound Pollution

CODE OF SILENCE was formed by two Scots, Paul Logue (EDEN´S CURSE) and James Murray. The pair soon recruited drummer John Clelland THE JACK, and keyboard player Scott McLean (FALLOCH/ex. THE CONCEPT OF TIME). They had to look beyond Scotland to find young guitarist Ben Randall (POWER QUEST), who won Most Promising Young Guitarist at the London Guitar Idol in 2008. The final piece was well-travelled Brazilian vocalist Gus Monsanto (TIMO TOLKKI´s REVOLUTION RENAISSANCE, ex ADAGIO, ex. TAKARA). As the name more than implies we´re about to hear about Knight´s Templars…

“Omerta”, the opening instrumental sets the mood, and is ok, but I´m not really found of these little intro pieces. But I do like Ben Randall! The fat guitar sound is always up front, not seldom with the excellent keyboards courtesy of Scott. Gus is an excellent choice for this kind of melodic yet refrain based and very melodic metal. There are a couple of rather flat numbers, not really bad but too much like anyone else in the business, e.g. “Seventh Seal” and “Black Abyss”. But there are at least six highly enjoyable numbers, especially “Midnight Cathedral (Veritas)”. I also wish they had cut the title track a minute or two short, it would have been an excellent power ballad in an edit. As a whole this is a great listen, but a shorter version with the above cuts would have been marked higher.

Track List
Bitter Sweet Paradise
Sky Is Falling Down
Tame the Tempest
Dark Skies Over Babylon
Seventh Seal
Witches of November
Black Abyss
Knights of the Crimson Cross
Midnight Cathedral (Veritas)
Here to Heaven

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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